The Skinny Bohemians was formed in 1990 and is based in London, U.K. and Budapest, Hungary.

The band has toured in Europe several times. The countries included are: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Hungary and the U.K.

The Skinny Bohemians have played every year at Europe's largest festival situated on an island in the middle of the Danube in Budapest. The festival called "Pepsi Sziget" attracts over 350 000 people, over seven days, every summer.

The Skinny's have played there every year since it's inception in 1993.

The Skinny Bohemians reached No.3 on the official MAHASZ chart with their first release, the "Hey Don't Let Me Down E.P."

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The Skinny Bohemians are distributed in Hungary by

In 1997, they unanimously won the prestigious Jury Prize at the annual Camden Mix awards in London with "Angel Of Spring".

The Band sounds like:

If Iggy Pop had sex with Led Zep whilst listening to Placebo... this would be it.

Musical influences:

Led Zep, Iggy Pop, The Doors, The Cult, The Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo.


The whole idea behind The Skinny Bohemians is a mix of a return to the ideals of the Renaissance and the complexity of Andy Warhol's factory. We are a mix of music, science and mythology. We enjoy taking control of all aspects of what The Skinny Bohemians represent, from building our own web pages to designing our own album covers to tackling the mysteries of gravitation and exploring all the diverse forms of philosophy and theology.

And of course selling records…