Angel of Spring

Spaced-out cowboy smoking weed
Flying thru the rings of tyranny
Dust and stars fill my screen
Searching for the angel of spring

Got to find her i'm short of time
Life support is falling down
Rejuvenation is want i want
Help me angel to find the old one

Hot looking woman on heroine
My bleeding heart can't take your sin
Lift me angel take me higher and higher
Take me to the root of desire

I wanna be consumed by your gentle flame
My body's burning, my minds insane
But deep down inside i love the pain
Of the angel of spring

From the tombs of Krishna
To the house of the Lord
Taking in the calm of the storm
Help me angel to be my own
Help me angel to save my soul

Mercy be my guide
I've been the knave of life for a while
Opposite souls so equally matched
Angel now is the time

Spirits winding down
Running on the rails of time
What i got is what you need
Riding thru the rings of tyranny

Crack, Smack, Machine Guns

My baby's on methadone
She sold the neighbors flat
They came on knocking on my door
They say they want it back

Pinned to the walls with rusty nails
Her fists are raw with shame
Whisky and speed keep her mean
And scars are all she wares

My baby's on methadone
Can't you hear her call?
Eyes are swelled, tongue is tide
Seen her life and waved goodbye

Crack, smack, machine guns
That don't sound like too much fun
Burning cars, chasing cops
We don't wanna be outrun
Crack, smack, machine guns x3
Floozy with an Uzi, chick with a gun

She lives in a forest where the trees are bare
Death and smoke tint her hair
She's been told a lot of lies
So give her room to fantasize
Call the prophets, call the cops
I'm involved with a little girl lost

sixteen years in a jewel box
ready to dance at a chance of a knock
she's a young drunk, she lives in a bar
Henry Chinasky knows who you are

I see flesh burn, flames and body's churn
desecrate the population
voodoo hoodoo in the nation

1969 OK
war across the USA
another year for me and you
another year with nothing to do